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Due to very high demand and a large number of people already on our waiting list, it is not currently possible to put your name down for a Seasonal Pitch at Warren Farm. Please re-visit this web page to check for updates on re-opening the list.

If you're looking for information, you can download our 2018 information sheet here.

2018 Season Dates: 29th March - 4th November 2018

2018 Prices

Warren Farm Fields 1 - 4 (pay-as-you-go electric cards)
Grass Seasonal Pitch: £1,530
Hardstanding Seasonal Pitch: £1,722
Fields 1 - 4 are on the main complex of Warren Farm, close to the Play Barn and The Beachcomber. Field 4 has some play equipment on the field, making it ideal for families with young children.

Grass Seasonal Pitch: £1,650 (electric included)
En-Suite Seasonal Super Pitch: £2,130 (pay-as-you-go electric cards)
Sunnyside is the quieter end of Warren Farm. This area is close to Sunnyside Chinese and the Brean Down Inn. It is a 10 minute walk to the main complex of Warren Farm and The Beachcomber.

How to join our waiting list

We're sorry to say our waiting list is currently closed. Please re-visit this web page to check for updates.

Buying a caravan?

Please check our Caravan Sales page for our latest stock of touring caravans for sale. If you buy a caravan from us, we may be able to allocate you a seasonal pitch (if required).

Seasonal Pitch FAQs

When will you have a pitch available for me?
We get a lot of enquiries from people on our waiting list, asking when we're likely to have a pitch available. Unfortunately this is very difficult to predict, as we don't know when someone plans to give up their existing pitch until they notify us (this could be at the start of a season or part-way through, any time of year). There are a number of other factors affecting your wait time; when allocating pitches we must take into account each person's preference of area, their caravan length and any special requirements. Rest assured, we'll get in touch as soon as something suitable becomes available.

Do you provide winter storage?
Yes, we offer winter storage for our seasonal pitch holders only. For an additional fee of £105, we'll store your touring caravan during the winter months.

Why can't I leave my awning up all season?
Awnings and skirting must be taken down when caravans are not in use. This is for security reasons and to help prevent damage to your caravan and/or awning during high winds. It also preserves the grass outside each caravan and keeps the site looking tidy as we’re able to cut the grass around your caravan. The only exception is during the summer holidays, when you may leave your awning up.

Why aren’t I allowed a plastic storage box outside my caravan?
We currently only allow canvas Bike Caves to be used for storage purposes. This is a short-term solution until we find a suitable storage container that can be easily dismantled.

I don't want to buy a caravan until I have a seasonal pitch secured - what should I do?
Please check our Caravan Sales page for our latest stock of touring caravans for sale. If you buy a caravan from us, we may be able to allocate you a pitch straight away. Otherwise we cannot put your name on the waiting list as it is currently closed. Another option you could consider is buying the caravan, then storing it with Somerset Caravan Storage or Plimley's Garage until you secure a seasonal pitch.