Winter Storage and Drain Down

Winter Storage and Drain Down

SEASONAL TOURERS - Winter Storage £105.00

If you’re storing your caravan with us for the winter, here are some handy hints and tips…

Please book and pay for your winter storage at Reception before our season ends on 29th October 2017. Make sure we have spare keys for any locks in place, as well as the caravan door.

We’d prefer you to remove wheel clamps yourself, and just leave the hitch lock on. We will remove your hitch lock, tow your caravan into storage then re-attach the hitch lock. You’re welcome to check on your caravan during the winter and add additional locks yourself.

Winter Maintenance

- Check the wheels are inflated and in good condition for towing.
- Oil caravan legs so they move freely. Leave the legs up so the caravan is ready to move.
- Disconnect the 12V battery and if possible take it home where you can charge it periodically.
- Disconnect your gas regulator.
- Make sure the water system is properly drained – leave the taps open, including the shower control.
- Oil any moving parts, such as the handbrake.
- Leave small bowls of salt dotted around the van – this can help absorb excess moisture from the air.
- If you want to cover your caravan, make sure it’s a breathable material and label the cover with your pitch number.
- Anything left on your pitch (including slabs/wood) may be removed so we can carry out essential drainage work on the field.

All caravans are normally returned to their seasonal pitch 1-2 weeks before the new season starts (the timing is weather-dependent).  Once re-sited, you’re welcome to come down and start setting up before Warren Farm re-opens (no overnight stays until we officially open on Thursday 29th March 2018).


STATIC OWNERS - Drain Down £62.00

Please book your drain down at Reception before our season ends on 29th October 2017. Make sure underneath the caravan is clear of items and that we have spare keys. We will disconnect the water and drain all pipework, then re-connect it before the start of our 2018 season. The drain down charge (if booked) will be added to your winter bill.

We hope you have a wonderful winter and we look forward to seeing you again next season!

Pubished : Mon 30th Oct 2017