Seasonal Storage Boxes

Seasonal Storage Boxes

Storage Box Information for Seasonal Tourers & Static Owners

We have approved one particular storage box for seasonal customers - you may have a Trimetals ‘Stowaway’ storage box (OR a bike cave) positioned at the back of your caravan. This must be placed directly on the grass, not onto slabs. Please see Warren Farm management about positioning if there’s not enough room at the back of your caravan. 

Strictly one storage box per caravan, which must be the exact model specified – Trimetals ‘Stowaway’ storage unit in Olive and Moorland Green (FT110/G).

Dimensions: H113cm x W138cm x D89cm. Strictly no other size, make, model or colours.

No covers or weights are allowed around/on your storage box. One tidy strap is permitted if needed.

The storage box can be bought from Warren Farm for £480 (2022 price) including flooring and VAT - or you can source one yourself from or any Trimetals dealer. We appreciate this is fairly costly, however the boxes look tidy, are durable and the metal material will help prevent strimmer damage.

If bought through Warren Farm, we can deliver the box 'flat pack' to your pitch but unfortunately will not be able to build it, set it up or level the ground. Please contact Brean Caravan Shop directly if you'd like them to build your storage box for you.

We realise that adult-size bicycles will not fit in the ‘Stowaway’ storage box, but unfortunately larger models look unsightly against the touring caravans. Therefore we have built several communal bike storage compounds around the park.

Warren Farm accepts no responsibility for any damages and your box must be kept in good condition.

If you would like a cheaper option, we will still allow the green bike caves – but you can only have one or the other, NOT both.

Please note this storage box is not applicable for our Seasonal En-Suite customers, who already have storage available in their pod.

Pre-order your storage box now – call Reception on 01278 751227!

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Date published: Wed 23rd Mar 2022